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Kate's Pumpkin Soup Recipe

Scenic Rim Farm Box Pumpkin Soup RecipeThe temperature has dropped and that means it's Soup Season! Kate's Pumpkin Soup Recipe uses ingredients available in our Farm Shop with a few fancy twists added... Masterchef here we come. It's the next best thing to having your own in-home chef.



Saute onions in butter/oil until soft. 
Add carrots & pumpkin and stock.
Cook for 25mins until veggies are tender.
Blend until smooth.
Top with chopped herbs, yoghurt and toasted pepitas.

*adjust the amount of stock to the required consistency of soup that you like


To create an Asian Style Soup add ½ cup of coconut cream, a small piece of ginger, fresh chilli and lemongrass and top with coriander

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