BBQ Rib Fillet with Salsa Verde and Spiced Potato Wedges

Serve up a juicy steak with a fresh, homemade salsa verde.




Rib Fillet

1kg Wickham Farm potatoes, washed with skin on
1 bunch chopped parsley
1 lime + approx 2 tblspn for Salsa Verde


1 cup olive oil
½ cup Texan spice mix (or spice of your choosing ie. Mexican, Moroccan, Mediterranean etc)
Salt and pepper


RIB Fillet

Cook Rib Fillet to your preferred method.

Spiced Potato Wedges

Preheat oven to 200 degrees.  Line a flat bottomed baking tray with baking paper.

Cut potatoes in halves and then in three wedges and place in a large bowl.  Pour over 1/2 cup olive oil and sprinkle over spice mix and use your hands to coat the wedges well.

Arrange on the baking tray cut side up if you can but also making sure they are not touching too much.  Roast for 35-40 mins until crispy and golden. 

Serve immediately with a little lime juice squeezed over.

Salsa Verde

In a small food processor add 1 bunch chopped parsley, ½ cup olive oil, salt, pepper and 2 tbsp lime or lemon juice.  Process for 1 minute.  Add a little water to loosen if necessary and taste.  You can adjust with a little more lime/lemon juice to add acidity and salt to balance.  The salsa should be loose enough to drizzle over steak.

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