Chinese Cabbage (Wombok), Green Bean & Mushroom Stir Fry


½ Peak Produce Wombok, halved again and sliced
200g green beans, cut into 3cm batons
300g button mushrooms sliced
1 brown onion halved and sliced thinly
½ cup hoisin sauce or kecap manis (Indonesian sweet sauce)
2 tbsp soy sauce
125ml vegetable stock
1tbs rice wine vinegar
2 tbsp roasted peanuts (optional to serve)
Coriander (optional to serve)
Noodles or rice to serve


Combine hoisin sauce, soy sauce, chicken stock and rice wine vinegar in a jug  and stir well. Heat a wok over a medium flame and add a little oil (can be rice bran/olive/vegetable). Stir fry the Chinese cabbage in batches (2, it will reduce down quite quickly). Add a little splash of the sauce mixture towards the end of the cooking. Place cooked cabbage into a bowl and repeat until all cabbage is cooked. Add another splash of oil to the wok and stir fry the onions for 1 minute then add the green beans. Stir fry for 5 minutes until vegetables are tender. Remove and place in with the cooked cabbage. Now stir fry the sliced mushrooms in a little oil until they are soft and fragrant. Finally add all the vegetables back to the wok and mix everything through, adding any extra sauce that you have not already used. Taste and season if necessary and add the coriander if using. Serve with noodles or rice and roasted peanuts.


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