Wild Australian Tuna 290g


Flavour: Olive Oil

Olive Oil
Chilli & Oil
Lemon Myrtle

100% Australian Caught, Owned and Made.

Sustainably caught off the coast of Cairns Queensland.

Little Tuna Family

Cairns-based Little Tuna catch their tuna locally from waters internationally renowned as some of the most prolific fishing grounds in the world and are the company to exclusively sell Australian-caught preserved tuna.

The high-end canned tuna products were created by the Lamason family, Rowan and Kate. Having spent a couple of years researching the market and developing recipes, they have brought together their passion of fresh sustainably caught Australian seafood and high-quality ingredients to create the flavours of Little Tuna.

With over 30 years in the fishing industry, Rowan saw an opening in the market after years of fishing for tuna in the Coral Sea’s billfish fishery and with his love of the ocean and a healthy lifestyle the foundations of the Little Tuna brand were built.

Little Tuna will change your perspective on preserved seafood. Using only albacore tuna, (a whiter flesh compared to yellow fin or big eye) the fish comes from the family company and are produced with the finest oils, making it a delicious option full of flavour for the perfect companion to salads, sandwiches, wraps, pasta dishes or just enjoy straight from the jar.

At Little Tuna, our mission is to bring high-quality seafood products to our customers using only Australian sustainably caught seafood and to provide ongoing product innovation which is increasing in demand in both Australia and internationally for the health-conscious and ethical-conscious consumer.

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