Sleepy Calm Balm - 50g


Be calm, soften and soothe

A languid blend of key Australian essential oils with calming and soothing properties. Sleepy Calm is perfect for just before bedtime or when you want to relax, this creamy balm includes organic Australian olive oil infused with lavender for six weeks before being blended with macadamia oil, local beeswax made by Canungra bees and organic Fairtrade shea butter. We've added rosalina, a beautiful Australian essential oil with calming properties.

Apply lightly on pulse points to help you relax or sleep.

100% natural ingredients: Fairtrade organic shea butter, lavender-infused Australian olive oil, Australian macadamia oil, local beeswax, rosalina essential oil.

All natural product – stores best in a cool spot. 

Note: not suitable for children under two years old.


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