Scenic Rim Butters - 120g Jar (GF)

$15.00 – $18.00

Extra: Truffle Butter

Truffle Butter
Smoked Garlic Butter
Scenic Rim Chef Salted Butter

Try one of these Scenic Rim-made flavoured butters.

They've been prepared by Chef Olivier Boudon and his team and pair perfectly with Scenic Rim Food Co's breads.

Olivier is Executive Chef at The Overflow Estate and The Bowl Boonah and uses local, seasonal ingredients where possible.

Truffle Butter -  

Fresh truffle, Scenic Rim cream, parmesan cheese, sea salt

Smoked Garlic Butter - 

Scenic Rim garlic (smoked), cream, salt flakes.

Scenic Rim Chef Salted - 

Scenic Rim cream, salt flakes.


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