Red Kraut

$10.95 – $15.95

Size: 650g


Red cabbage, beetroot and Spanish onions are the big ingredients in this kraut. All grown in the scenic rim, these vegetables and shredded and salted, then mixed with sea salt and currants before they’re left to ferment. This means there’s heaps of good bacteria growing along with fantastic kraut flavour. Eat this daily to promote great gut health and to compliment whatever you’re eating it with. We like ours with sourdough toast and free-range poached eggs in the morning, in salads or as a salad, served on a sausage with our pickle project mustard and tomato sauce, the options are endless. Enjoy!

Ingredients: Red cabbage, beetroot, Spanish onion, currants, pepper and sea salt

Doesn’t contain any artificial flavours, preservatives, numbers or ingredients that are unsustainably produced.

About The Pickling Project

Sally is a passionate advocate for sustainable growing and healthy eating of fresh, local food and has turned her passion for fruit and vegetables into pickling and preserving.  

She has a background in organic farming combined with the personal touch of meeting people in local farmers’ markets. For six years she has been the driving force behind Pots of Produce – a grassroots initiative to make beautiful and sustainable food available to the people of the Scenic Rim and beyond.

The Products

The Pickling Project is an exciting initiative that brings together a passion for big flavours and eliminating food waste. Born in the Scenic Rim where there is an abundance of beautiful produce, we purposefully seek out the imperfect, and the wonkiest of fruit and vegetables - the excess of food that won’t see it into market or onto supermarket shelves.

These offer the same taste and flavour, so are perfect for turning into bottles of deliciousness that can be enjoyed now or in months to come when the seasons have changed. We see the beauty and potential in being different and celebrate it in every bottle we stick our label on.

Our range includes Chutneys, Sauces, Relishes, Pesto's, Mustards and Krauts

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