Orange You Glad We Did This 750ml - Witches Falls x Ricca Terra Collaboration


Dive into the zest-packed party of 'Orange You Glad We Did This?' A cheeky collaboration by Witches Falls Winery and Ricca Terra, this skin-contact orange wine is a dance of Grenache Blanc and Zibibbo. Bursting with sunshine vibes, each sip is a vibrant rollercoaster of citrus fun, youthful energy, and textured excitement!

What is Orange Wine?
Orange wine is crafted from white grapes, where the grape skins and seeds remain in contact with the juice during production. This unique process imparts elevated tannins, a more robust and complex flavour profile, and a variety of captivating orange hues to the final wine.

The Collaboration:
In 2020, Witches Falls and Ricca Terra began a fruitful partnership when Witches Falls sourced fruit from Ricca Terra's Riverland vineyards. United by shared values and a strong friendship, we decided to craft a unique wine together. "Orange You Glad We Did This?" is the delightful result of our collaboration, and we anticipate many more exciting ventures in the future.

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