Limoncello Della Montagna - 700ml (Limited Quantity)


Following on from the success of our multi-award winning Five to Five Gin range. We present our limited release Limoncello Della Montagna.

When life gives you lemons a Distiller gives you Limoncello!

Made famous by the locals of the Sorrentine and Amalfi Coastline in Southern Italy. We make it the way they do - only the freshest local lemons zested just before maceration in the purest of spirit and sweetened just enough to savour the fresh bitter lemon flavours.

Enjoy our carefully crafted expression of this Italian family favourite. 


  • 700ml
  • 25% ABV



Is it because... our distillery is located at an altitude of 525mthe hours our gin is best served between - or perhaps it’s the lure of this fragrant gin that happens each day just before knock-off at 5pm?

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