Leave it to us Box - Vegetarian Edition

Leave it to us Box - Vegetarian Edition

Scenic Rim Farm Box
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Don't like making decisions? We've put together a selection of great products for you.

This week's box includes:

1 x Lovett @ Kalbar Caramel Slice

1 x Scenic Rim 4Real Milk 2L

1 x Scenic Rim 4Real Camembert 200g

1 x Watson Organic Eggs 700g

1 x Hilly Ridge Honey 275g

4 x Kalfresh Sweet Corn cobs

1 x Kalfresh Diced Pumpkin

 1 x Riverdale Herbs - Spinich Leaves 160g

1 x Riverdale Herbs - Basil Bunch

1 x 1kg Kalfresh Carrots

1 x Valley Pride Beetroot Bunch

1 x Sweet Baby Capsicums 175g

1 x Kalfresh Green Beans 400g

1 x DJM Farming Merlot Potatoes 1kg

1 x Canungra Large Flat Mushrooms 300g

1 x Kalfresh Brown Onion 1kg


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