Leave It To Us Box   (Updated Every Thursday)

Leave It To Us Box (Updated Every Thursday)

Scenic Rim Farm Box
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Don't like making decisions? We've put together a selection of great products for you.


Here's some meal ideas you can make with the ingredients in your box and we'll include the recipes.

- Beef Brisket with Creamy Mash and Honey Rainbow Carrots

- Sausages with Corn and Avocado Salsa

- Mushroom and Herb Omelette

- Honey and Yoghurt Cake

- Easy Carrot Cookies

This week's box includes: 

1 x The Butcher Co. - Double Smoked Bacon (500g)

1 x The Butcher Co. - Beef Brisket with Carolina Gold Rub (minimum 1.2kg)

1 x The Butcher Co. - Thick Pork Casalinga Sausages (approx. 650g)

1 x Watson's Organic Eggs - 700g carton (1 dozen eggs)

1 x Kalfresh Carrots (1kg)

1 x Kalfresh Brown Onions (1kg)

4 x Kalfresh Sweet Corn Cobs

1 x Valley Pride - Rainbow Carrots (bunch)

1 x Wickham Farms - Brushed Baby Potatoes (1kg)

1 x Riverdale Herbs - Italian Parsley (bunch)

1 x Truc Lam - Button Mushrooms (200g)

1 x De Bruyn Farming - Reed Avocado

1 x Scenic Rim 4 Real Milk - Natural Unsweetened Pot Set Yoghurt (1kg)

1 x Lovett At Kalbar - Choc Chip Cookies

1 x Dewar's - Certified Organic Australian Honey (500g)


And your choice of one of the following options:

      1 x Norco Our Finest Full Cream Milk 1.5L; or

      1 x Scenic Rim 4Real non-homogenised Full Cream Milk 2L; or

      1 x Scenic Rim 4Real non-homogenised Lactose Free 2L; or

      No Milk.


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