Kombucha 330ml


Flavour: Raspberry & Lemonade

Raspberry & Lemonade
Ginger Beer
Tropical Pineapple
Finger Lime & Chilli

Good Times Kombucha is made in The Scenic Rim at Olive View Farm using locally sourced organic and spray free ingredients, fluoride free spring water and organic tea as the base. 

The Kombucha is crisp and clean tasting filled with beneficial probiotics. Designed and formulated by Kate Creasey - Naturopathic health coach. 

Finger Lime & Chilli - Made using Gen Windley’s zesty native finger limes and chilli’s grown at Olive View Farm this delicious combo gives you that citrus fresh hit with a kick of chilli at the end. Don’t worry though! Its not spicy.

Tropical Pineapple - After tasting this beauty we thought of summer tropical holidays. This clean pineapple taste is sweet and smooth to the last drop made with a base of Oolong tea.

Strawberry Lemonade- is our go-to kombucha to use for a cocktail or mocktail base. The punch of green tea keeps this kombucha tangy and fresh with the sweeter notes of strawberry.

Ginger Beer - made using Mt Tambo fresh ginger with a green tea base. With all the health benefits of anti inflammatory ginger and the tang of green tea this ginger beer is the perfect drink on a hot summers day. 


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