Elderflower Teas - 25g


Flavour: Rose & Apple Mint

Rose & Apple Mint
Elderflower Ginger Mint & Lemon Balm
Gomphrena & Chamomile

A beautiful blend of organic flowers grown, handpicked & dried by Rachel of Elderflower Farm in the Scenic Rim.

Rose & Apple Mint Tea - Fragrant & refreshing tea. Soothe body & mind with Rose. Apple mint to add a dash of sweetness.

Elderflower, Ginger Mint & Lemon Balm Tea - Calming & soothing blend. Elderflower to boost immunity, lemon balm to soothe the mind & tummies.

Gomphrena & Chamomile Tea - Natural anti-inflammatory, reduces fever, migraines and aids in better sleep.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Steep 1 - 2 teaspoons in boiled water for 3-5 minutes. Can add honey to taste. 

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