Five To Five - Coastal Gin (Navy Strength)

$38.00 – $95.00

Size: 200ml


This bold and robust version of the navy strength gin category reflects the mountain’s proximity and incredible eastern views of the world-famous Gold Coast. Savory characteristics are achieved though the careful blending of the native Oldman Saltbush leaves and pink peppercorns, and perfectly balanced with steeped macadamia nuts and finished with vapour infused fresh vanilla beans. 

Tasting Notes – Bold savory and Sweet Gin With a savory nose of salt and juniper, the botanics combine to create a truly 3-dimensional gin. Bitterness is provided by the orris root and grapefruit peel, whilst the vanilla layers sweetness and the macadamia provides a whiskey like oily mouthfeel.

Garnish Cubed watermelon adds a juicy and fresh element to this complex and robust gin

Two Sizes Available:

  • 200ml
  • 700ml

ABV 57%

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