Camel Milk Vodka 200ml - World's First Camel Milk Vodka

$51.50 – $66.50

Flavour: Pure Camel Milk Vodka

Pure Camel Milk Vodka
Camel Milk & Honey Vodka
Barrel - Aged Camel Milk & Honey Vodka

World's first Camel Milk Vodka 

Unseen before in the world of spirits, discover a groundbreaking vodka with a wild backstory. 

Each batch consists of just 300 bottles, and is carefully crafted and triple distilled from camel milk whey from our pristine farm in Queensland’s Scenic Rim. Imparting a smooth and delicate character, this treasured whey gives our vodka its award-winning taste and prevents food waste at the same time.

With all those characteristics at play, this is a wonderfully unique drinking experience.

A truly distinctive, luxurious vodka.

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