Black Plum Infused Vinegar


Introducing Budburst Australia's Black Plum and Golden Apricot infused vinegars to the Scenic Rim Farm Box.

Budburst Australia is a farming family based in the beautiful high country of the Granite Belt Plateau of South East Queensland.  Budburst Australia is crafting exquisite golden apricot and black plum infused wine vinegars for salad dressings, mixers for cocktails and refreshing cool soda drinks.

Fancy a beautiful spring cocktail?... try Prosecco and a splash of apricot or plum vinegar.  Or why not mix up your own salad dressing.

Healthy Antioxidant Drink, Salad Dressing or Cocktail Mixer
Produced on the Budburst Family Farm
Pesticide Free
No Added Sugar & Gluten Free
6% Acidity

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