Beef Jerky - 70g


Flavour: Beef Original

Beef Original
Beef Hot

Established on Tamborine Mountain by local couple Sebastian and Siobhan, Tamborine Mountain Jerky was inspired by Sebastian’s Grandfather ‘Poppa’ and his recipe from Winton (Central West QLD) in the 1970s. After 30 years of eating Poppa’s Jerky, Sebastian began making it himself. It quickly gained popularity as a healthy snack with a broad appeal due to its high protein and low sugar content.         

Our Jerky is handcrafted and small batch, each piece of meat is carefully sliced by hand and marinated for 3 days before drying. Tamborine Mountain Jerky uses the highest quality premium Australian Beef from Australian Yearly Cattle. 
Beef Original: a little spicy…a little sweet. 

  • High Protein 

  • Low Sugar

  • Keto Friendly 

  • Lunchbox Friendly 

  • Perfect for addition to any cheese board

  • Great snack to fuel your outdoor adventures 

Store in a cool dry place. Lasts for 6 months. 

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