Leave it to us Box (updated weekly)

Leave it to us Box (updated weekly)

Scenic Rim Farm Box
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Don't like making decisions? We've put together a selection of great products for you.

This week's box includes: 

1 x The Butcher Co Double Smoked Bacon (500g)

1 x The Butcher Co Warrill Creek Pastoral Sirloin (2 pack)

1 x The Butcher Co premium beef mince (550g)

1 x The Butcher Co Honey Cheese Kabana 300g

1 x Watson Family Organic Free Range Eggs dozen (700g)

1 x Valley Pride Spring Onions bunch

1 x Valley Pride Baby Beets bunch

1 x Riverdale Herbs Baby Spinach Leaves (160g)

1 x Kalfresh Vegetables Carrots (1kg)

1 x Kalfresh Vegetables Green Beans (400g)

1 x Kalfresh Diced Pumpkin

1 x Oh Sweet Baby baby capsicums (175g)

1 x bottle Bunjurgen Estate Verjuice 375ml

1 x Lovett @ White Choc Cranberry Cookies

1 x Moira Farming Broccoli

1 x Organic Snacking Tomatoes

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