Breakfast, Brunch or Brinner Bruschetta (say that three times fast!)

We're constantly amazed at how much you can make from your Scenic Rim Farm Box ingredients. And when the ingredients are this good there's very little you need to do to them. 

Kate's whipped up some inspo for you by the way of these three easy bruschetta's and we thing they're perfect for breakfast, brunch or brinner (breakfast for dinner).

You can select all your breakfast ingredients here.

avocado on toast

Bruschetta #1: Avocado, feta, spicy bruschetta mix


Scenic Rim 4Real Feta OR Summer Land marinated persian-style feta

The Pickling Project's spicy bruschetta mix

Local avocados - Fleetwood Farm or Allamburra Organics

A squeeze of Limes 4U lime

Garnished with herbs or watercress from Riverdale Herbs

tomato and halloumi bruschetta

Bruschetta #2: Charred organic tomatoes & Scenic Rim 4Real Halloumi

Simple & Effective. Using either Scenic Rim 4Real Halloumi or Summer Land Camels Halloumi balanced with some charred organic snacking tomatoes. Yum.

Bruschetta #3: Mushroom & Feta

Can't go wrong with this winning combination of fresh Canungra mushrooms and feta - either Scenic Rim 4Real or Summer Land Camels.  A squeeze of lime or even some Lime Caviar Company finger lime pearls. 


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