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  • Meet the Producers: The Zahnows

    Michael and Liz Zahnow, with some help from their kids, grow and harvest beautiful aromatic new season garlic on their Kalbar Farm. They've been g...
  • Meet the Producer: Rachel Watkins

    Rachel Watkins of Elderflower Farm at Coochin grows and arranges stunning bouquets of heirloom blooms.
  • Meet the Producer: Joyce's Gold Heritage Poultry

    If you've been searching for chicken packed with old-style flavour then you're going to love Joyce's Gold Heritage Poultry. Farmers, the Joyce fam...
  • Meet the Producer: Lindsay @ Lovett

    Have you tried Lindsay's Beef, Tomato & Onions Pies yet? When we added them to our farm shop we had no idea how popular they would be. They're...