Meet the Producer: Joyce's Gold Heritage Poultry

If you've been searching for chicken packed with old-style flavour then you're going to love Joyce's Gold Heritage Poultry.

Farmers, the Joyce family, raise their meat chickens using traditional heritage breeds and farming methods.

Their birds thrive outdoors in free-range conditions and take between 12 and 16 weeks to reach weight.

Being allowed time to grow on natural pasture, means you'll taste the flavour in the meat.
It's this flavour that caught the eye of Delicious Award judges this year - and also in 2019 and 2018.

Bill and Jean Joyce started the business in 1952 and their son Rob is now custodian of the business including their Scenic Rim Farm located at Teviotville, near Boonah.

"As a youngster I loved reading dad's old books on traditional poultry farming methods and heritage breeds," says Rob.

"We sold the dressed poultry at the door and I loved listening to dad talking to customers about how they loved the flavour of our birds. In 2010 we decided to develop a slow-growing heritage breed bird, full of flavour like they have in Europe. After several years of development we're very happy with the Joyce's Gold."


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