Meet our Team: Mick & Owen

We love our Scenic Rim Farm Boxes ... and the feedback suggests so do you!
So without further ado, we're pleased to introduce two of our amazing box builders - Mick and Owen from Boonah's Ozline Timbers.
When we approached Ozline Timbers with an idea for an old-style timber farm crate, Mick Sawatski rose to the challenge. He made a prototype and after some minor modifications we settled on our functional and fabulous design.
Mick has been working with Ozline Timbers for 22 years and is a timber machinist, while Owen Rasmussen is a lattice maker. They say the Farm Box project came at an ideal time for business.
"With the virus and the economy down, it was good to get the contract to build these boxes," says Mick.
"I thought 'Let's have a go and see what we can come up with.' I love them, I reckon they're cool. No box is the same; every box is unique, depending on the timber, the knots and holes.
"The paint really sets them off."

Demand for the Scenic Rim Farm Box has been so strong that we've also enlisted help from local building company CF & JE Miles to build our crate stockpile.

When you receive your timber crate we hope you enjoy and admire the handmade, local skill and care of craftsmen like Mick and Owen and the team at CF & JE Miles.
Remember if you want to keep the box you can ... just add another Box Bond when you order.


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